Audio: McCain defends Joementum, tells bloggers "don't get too angry"

On the Glenn and Helen podcast.

They range pretty far afield. The Second Amendment and immigration come up, as does the borderline “unhealthy” relationship between Bush and the media. He also admits to the difficulties Republicans sometimes have satisfying the libertarian wing of the party — which, given the fact that certain prominent members of the religious wing aren’t exactly thrilled with him either, doesn’t bode well for 2008.

Eh, doesn’t matter. The nutroots will scare us into voting for him anyway.

Linking approvingly to an Insta-project always feels like ass-kissing, even when it’s not; the traffic/influence imbalance is simply too lopsided. But the fact is, the podcasts are good: I listened to a bunch of them last weekend and recommend in particular the one with Claire Berlinski from February on Eurabia. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, Seipp/Lileks on parenting and Norah Vincent on living life as a man for a year and a half are interesting too.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call the Vincent one “light.” It’s lighter than the prospects of Eurabia.

But then, what isn’t?