Paul Hackett kisses the ring, endorses Sherrod Brown

He said he was done with politics in February after Schumer “asked” him to get out of the race and let Brown have the nomination. Four months earlier, he’d been endorsed by Kos — and then unendorsed in favor of Brown, whose campaign had retained Jerome Armstrong’s consulting firm some months earlier.


Sounds like he’s thinking about getting back in the game. Not so much by crashing the gates this time, though, as by driving up slowly beside the booth, idling in front of the barrier, and paying whatever toll the man with the donkey on his hat asks.

Nothing against Hackett, but I do so enjoy seeing nutroots hearthrobs coopted.

Lieberman kisses the ring, too — his own: Captain Ed congratulates Joementum on the formation of the Lieberman Party, a move that does nothing for his candidacy except lend credence to the hard left’s caricature of him as a selfish, disloyal DINO.

If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em: Maria Cantwell shows how to deal with nutroots challengers.

In related news, Joe Lieberman announced tonight that he’s retained Vis Numar, astrologer to the stars, for a forecast of the Connecticut Democratic primary. Vis says the Crab Nebula is at a near-exact with Orion’s gonads, which bodes ill for incumbents, but a check for $50,000 made out to Jerome Armstrong might just push the two apart. Lieberman’s campaign has told him to consider it done.

In unrelated news, Kos just endorsed Lieberman.

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