Hoekstra: Leak crackdown's a-comin'

Just like it was a-comin’ when Porter Goss took over at the CIA, just like it was a-comin’ on our launch day when Mary “Who?” McCarthy was all over the news.

Trust me. It’s not a-comin’. If it was, it already would have a-came.

Re: the following, I don’t know if he believes it or if he’s just talking tough to get back in the Bush camp’s good graces after his own letter got leaked to the Times. But either way, I likes it. None dare call it treason … except Pete Hoekstra:

Hoekstra also suggested some unauthorized leaks could have been deliberate attempts to help al Qaeda.

“More frequently than what we would like, we find out that the intelligence community has been penetrated, not necessarily by al Qaeda, but by other nations or organizations,” he said.

“I don’t have any evidence. But from my perspective, when you have information that is leaked that is clearly helpful to our enemy, you cannot discount that possibility,” he added.

I don’t think he believes we’ve been infiltrated, he’s just making a point about motives. However well intentioned the brave, truth-speaking patriots are who are feeding this stuff to the Times, the practical effect is the same as if they were double agents intent on sabotage. Culpability is subjective, damage to the war effort isn’t.

All of this stuff, by the way, comes from Hoekstra’s remarks this morning to the Heritage Foundation — and none of it has much to do with what he was there to talk about. For that, and for A/V of his speech, you’ll have to click here.