Breaking: Six Seven explosions at Bombay train stations (Update: Prime suspect emerges)

During rush hour, says Drudge, who has the siren up. Nothing yet on Fox.

What is it with the eleventh of the month?

Stand by.

Update: There were six explosions in Srinagar this morning, too. Reuters attributed them to “suspected Islamist militants”:

In New Delhi, Home Secretary V.K. Duggal told reporters no militant group had claimed responsibility for the attacks “but I can tell you we know and we are going to get them”.

Condemning the attacks on “softest of soft” targets, Duggal said the strikes were aimed at disrupting an on-going peace process with Pakistan, but added that this would not happen.

Update: Drudge says seven explosions now. According to the Bombay newspaper MidDay, the first five occurred within 15 minutes of each other, during rush hour. At least 15 dead and over 50 injured — at just one station.

Update: Worth noting: There were riots in Bombay two days ago — by Hindu nationalists. Reuters notes that train bombs killing 250 people in India in 1993 were blamed on Indian gangs.

Update: Bombay bomb blasts since 2002.

Update: Not sure if this is significant or not. Class warfare?

All the explosions took place in first class compartments of trains at a time when a majority of Mumbaikars were return home from office, railway control sources said.

Update: Eight were killed by the attacks in Srinagar, all of which involved grenades.

Update: A series of bombs in quick succession is a hallmark of Kashmiri “militants,” says the AP.

Update: Forty dead according to one report. And Flip Pidot of Suitably Flip points to this link, claiming that passersby caught one of the “militants” who was throwing grenades in Srinagar. I hope they treated him with the dignity due him under the Geneva Conventions.

Update: Photos are trickling in now.


Update: Jesus. More than 100 dead. Global jihad or localized Kashmiri dispute? Is there a distinction anymore?

Update: The wreckage:


Update: Via Confederate Yankee, DU heads through the looking glass.

Update: 135 dead now. The NYPD has raised security on the New York City subway system.

Update: Wow — India’s home minister said they knew the attack was coming, although not the specifics. Guess that explains his earlier quote.

Update: Lots of photos at the Times of India.

Update: Fox’s website is reporting that “Islamic militants” have been arrested. The link goes to here but there’s nothing about the arrests yet.

Update: Musharraf moves quickly to condemn the attacks.

Update: Clint Taylor forwards a link to an AmSpec piece he wrote last year about Dawood Ibrahim, the biggest narcoterrorist in India and an official, honest-to-goodness affiliate of Al-Qaeda according to the U.S. Treasury Department. He’s also allegedly connected to Pakistani jihadist groups. If you’re looking for suspects, says Clint, start there.

Update: 163 dead. Spiegel has photos of the wreckage. According to the Times of London, last year’s earthquake might have been indirectly responsible:

Since then, Pakistan has taken steps to crack down on militant groups and arrest their leaders. The countries have also helped ease tensions by improving diplomatic ties, opening travel links and agreeing to put their dispute over Kashmir to one side.

But there is evidence that the militant movement has regrouped and is growing again.

After the devastating earthquake in Pakistani Kashmir in October, several Muslim groups with links to militants were allowed to mobilise to help the victims by collecting donations and organising reconstruction.

Since then there have been several attacks in India, including the bombing of a market in Delhi and explosions at a Hindu temple in Varanasi.

Update: Score one for Clint. MSNBC quotes Indian intel officials as saying the prime suspect is Dawood Ibrahim.

Update: Time magazine and the Times of India both each quote Indian intel as pointing the finger at Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Pakistani jihadist group Ibrahim has been known to fund, working in conjunction with the indigenous Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).