Video: Tucker and Menchaca (Update: Jihadis claim revenge for rape victim)

Bryan and I have been debating for the past half hour or so whether I should post this. Michelle’s away from the computer at the moment; when she returns, she might make an executive decision to have it removed.

Be warned that it’s extremely gruesome. If you’re worried about whether you can handle it, you might want to sneak a peek at Rusty’s post. He has screencaps.

There are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to watch this. Please consider them before you proceed.

Update: Removed by executive decision. Michelle didn’t want us to host it out of respect for the families, but she did ask that I leave up the link to Rusty’s site. If you’re curious or feel that you need to see it, his screencaps will be ample.

Update: I’m with Captain Ed.

Update: The animals bank some propaganda points. Rusty e-mails and points to this passage in the Times, of all places, calling B.S. on them:

It is questionable whether the soldiers were actually killed out of revenge. Iraqis around Mahmudiya, where the rape and murder took place, believed at the time that the girl and the other three victims — her younger sister and parents — were killed by other Iraqis in sectarian violence, according to the mayor of Mahmudiya and American military officials. The mayor said the possible involvement of American soldiers only became apparent on June 30, when the American military announced it had opened an investigation into the crime.

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