Goldstein DOS'd again? (Update: Goldstein responds to Inside Higher Ed)

JG e-mails to say this outage looks different than the last few. According to his host, it might just be a case of too many visitors. Is that normal, though? I’ve never heard of someone’s server staggering under the weight of standard blog traffic, even when there are lots of links coming in. Did he get Drudge-lanched (or Fark-lanched)?

N.Z. Bear’s working on a permanent solution. Techies are encouraged to opine.

Crazy Deb Frisch continues to accuse Goldstein of having doctored her comment about him “frenching” his son, this time in the comments section of Inside Higher Ed:

Jeff Goldstein’s web site was down for two days after the incident. While I take responsibility for most of the horrid, inappropriate, mean-spirited, unprofessional comments attributed to me, I never wrote anything about French-kissing. That was added and falsely attributed to me.

To believe this, you basically have to believe Goldstein saw her comments about his kid being “JonBenet’d” and decided that they weren’t damning enough to warrant criticism. He had to add the bit about “frenching,” just to, you know, nail down the outrage.

And how nutty is she that that comment is the one she chooses to disavow? If you’re going to accuse him of putting words in your mouth, wouldn’t you want to focus on the I-hope-your-baby-dies stuff?

I’d be remiss if I failed to note that Maryscott O’Connor — yeah, that Maryscott O’Connor — left a very solid comment at Goldstein’s site yesterday. You can’t see it now, but you will when he’s back up.

O’Connor, you’ll recall, was also responsible for that post at dKos a few days ago.

Can it be true? Might we actually have to suspend usage of the word “nutroots” to describe this woman?

The over/under on how long it’ll be after I post this before I get an e-mail listing her many moments of batsh*t leftist lunacy is four minutes.

I call under.

Update: Let it be noted that Frisch’s comment at Inside Higher Ed isn’t the most amusing one there. That distinction belongs to “Jeff” at 10:35 a.m.

Update: The site is loading for me now. Jeff responds to Inside Higher Ed and provides a screenshot proving that the comment about “frenching” that Frisch now denies having left came from her IP.

He’s talking about a libel suit.

Update: Note this part well:

Note that I began my post detailing her comments at 10:05 pm and simply cut and pasted her comments as they came in. The comment in question came in at 10:07. The first direct response to it—which quotes from it — comes at 10:10. Directly after that, Frisch comments again. And again. And again. And again (here, she repeats the “progeny” line). And again. And not ONCE does she say that her comment has been altered.

Update: How deep does the nutroots’ obsession with Goldstein go? This deep.

Update: I want to believe this:

[I]n my conversations –we’re talking about the netsroots [sic], who are the real problems for Lieberman, people generated by the Daily Kos and other web sites– I find privately most of the Democrats despise those people because of the way they practice politics so viciously that they don’t want to get in the crosshairs.

I want to. But I don’t.