Schlussel: AQ train-plot mastermind linked to Hezbollah, too

Buuuuut … Shiite terrorists would never make common cause with Sunni terrorists.


She can’t tell you how she knows, but she says she has inside info that alleged AQ playboy Assem Hammoud is related to the Hammoud clan that’s currently under indictment in Detroit for shoveling money to Hezbollah.

Could be that there’s no coordination between them, that the family simply prefers its jihad in different flavors. Or it could be that when it comes to infidels, they lay their differences aside.

For evidence of the latter, see the L.A. Times’s cheery report yesterday about Arab intellectuals flocking to Saddam’s side now that he’s under America’s thumb. How far does it go? This far:

[P]erhaps no supporter is more improbable than Khalil, a Shiite Muslim lawyer who has traveled from Lebanon to defend him.

Like most Arabs, Khalil, who is Lebanese, is no stranger to the hard reality of despotism: Her Iraqi cousins were put to death for rebelling against Saddam Hussein’s Sunni-dominated regime.

But ever since the wintry afternoon she switched on Al Jazeera and caught sight of the bedraggled Hussein in U.S. custody, she has devoted herself to securing his release. Her work on his defense team has invited angry slurs from fellow Shiites, but Khalil views her work as an epic assignment on behalf of the pan-Arab “nation” — a cause Hussein espoused during his years in power. Khalil believes it eclipses religious divisions and the question of whether Hussein was a worthy leader.

He killed her cousins, and her impulse upon seeing him in crusader chains was to help him skate. It’s the ne plus ultra of identity politics. Mumia times a million.

Although this probably has something to do with it too.

Islam uber alles. How far does it go?

Update: Everyone already saw that last link at Instapundit and LGF, right?

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