Hatemania! Goldstein's stalker wants right-wingers' heads cracked (Update: PW hit with another DOS)

Quoting another brave, plain-speaking truthteller. In fairness, they don’t seem too adamant about bludgeoning; the main thing is having us put down like “rabid animals,” so presumably injections would be okay. Or gas.

In the post before that, she says she hopes the hostilities between her and Goldstein are over. Two posts later, she’s quite indignant that some righty trolls condone violence against her.

It’s like “Sybil,” if Sybil had some kind of weird preoccupation with “frenching” two-year-olds.

Meanwhile, one of Goldstein’s commenters welcomed him back last night by wishing cancer on him. Which he sort of deserves, after dealing with Dr. Demento for two days and having his site knocked offline.

He did keep his promise, though.

Dr. Helen says Jeff struck a blow for women’s rights here, which means the usual suspects will be wanting to strike a blow to her skull later today.

Honestly, the boss is going to have to put out a sequel to “Unhinged” just to cover this crap.

Update: Goldstein’s site isn’t loading for me now. Another DOS?

Update: Yep. JG just e-mailed.

Update: Jeff sends along a pair of comments that didn’t make it to the front page before the site went down.

Get over it Jeff. Stop making a big deal over this petty issue. You’re the one showing your hairy ass.

Fuck you Jeff. The day I wave the U.S. flag with pride is when the Democrats win the White House and Congress. Until then, I raise it upside down in distress.

I agree with everything Dr. Frisch said about you. I hope the next plane you fly on crashes.

Better still:

Like you facist hypocrites never send threats to liberals. Jeff, you got everything you deserved. At least Dr. Frisch didn’t go around pushing the UC-Santa Cruz chancellor to suicide like your chipmunk-faced chink bitch friend Michelle Malkin.

Only conservative fags like to play the victim. You have a small dick.

I guess we’ll never know if these are genuine, now that “the raw data” has been “hidden” again.

Update: Quoth Bill: “Achieving Malkinesque levels of hate mail is a noteworthy event; achieving Malkinesque levels of hate mail that actually reference Malkin, racism and chimpmunks has got to be some sort of milestone in the annals of online animus.”

Update: Eh. It’s all hate-traffic and it’ll all be gone in a week. Who cares?