Nutroots all-star accuses Kos kult of "Lord of the Flies" behavior

For mindlessly attacking a dKos diarist who dared argue that a little more transparency to their dealings with political consultants might not be a bad thing.

Naturally, that prompted five hundred plus comments mindlessly attacking her. Particularly enjoyable is her exchange with Armando, who continues to emphasize how much he loves her even while referring to her as a “lying douchebag.”

Anyway. I love her analogy but it doesn’t quite work. If there ever was a conch on that island, it was broken long ago.

CJ found the thread so if you want the links you’ll have to go through him. Bear in mind as you go: this woman is the voice of reason here. Sweet Christ.

Update: Is Maryscott O’Connor the Trotsky analog? Or is it Kevin Drum?

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