Haditha: Chiarelli completes review of Bargewell report

He’s forwarded his findings and recommendations to Gen. Casey. They should be made public within the week.

In the meantime, here’s how NBC and UPI, respectively, reported the news last night:

Marine cover-up over Haditha deaths?

Report: No coverup of Haditha

Ah, leaks. Not only do we have to worry about the facts being Rashomonized, we have to worry about Bargewell’s report being Rashomonized, too.

More? NBC:

A U.S. military official said Chiarelli agreed with Bargewell’s findings for the most part, but there were some areas in which he recommended a different course of action.

Versus the New York Times:

According to one of the defense officials, General Chiarelli embraced all of General Bargewell’s findings and expanded upon some of them.

A cautionary tale of why never to fully trust anonymous sources.

As for the cover up, NBC accuses some officers in the chain of command of falsifying reports, but theirs is the only article I’ve read that does so. According to the Times, the worst they’re guilty of is negligence — a charge serious enough to earn them a court-martial but not indicative of a conspiracy.

The L.A. Times broke this story last month, and they said the same thing.

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