Goldstein's (alleged) stalker accuses him of doctoring her quotes (Confirmed: Frisch resigned)

It’s a lie:

Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn’t say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

We don’t need the site back online to kill this meme in its crib (a metaphor Frisch would no doubt appreciate). Jeff wrote a post late Thursday night or early Friday morning quoting some of her greatest comment hits. Blackfive and Ace wrote about it soon after, and each was thoughtful/farsighted enough to copy-paste the list of quotations. Compare their posts and you’ll see the lists are identical. The staggeringly disgusting crack about “frenching” is right there, word for word, in both of them.

Other people read Jeff’s post at the time and have confirmed that there’s been no embellishment by any party. See the comments here.

Deb’s response to all this? Accusing Goldstein of having taken the site offline in order to hide “the raw data.”

We’ve invited Jeff to guest-blog here while his site is down, if only to respond to the nonsense she’s pitching at him. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see which lefties, if any, side with loony tunes in this particular test of credibility. They hate Goldstein with a passion, but they also know they’re dealing with damaged goods here on their own side — and that the odds that Jeff has doctored any of her nutbar natterings are damn near zero.

The boss is checking with the University of Arizona right now to find out if Frisch told the truth about resigning. Stay tuned.

Update: Patterico has more.

Update: Here’s a comforting thought, via Dan Riehl: the woman who wrote a defense of famed fragging advocate Ward Churchill participated in an FBI conference on counterterrorism in 2002. Page 50.

Update: Patterico says Protein Wisdom is loading for him. It isn’t for me, but Jeff says it will soon. Try your hand.

Update: True to form, lefty blogger Jeralyn Merritt shows some class.

Update: This is what I get for coming to this story late. Not only did Frisch defend Churchill, she appears to be a true-blue member of the reality-based community’s 9/11-conspiracy wing.

That FBI conference must have been something else, man.

Update: The boss gets the scoop: Frisch did indeed resign from U of A.

Update: Dan Riehl predicts that the sun will rise tomorrow morning and perhaps set sometime in the early evening.

And lo, it came to be.

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