Video: Degenerate traitor Adam Gadahn

I’ve got the Shehzad Tanweer video. It’s 31 minutes long so I’ll be editing for awhile. But here, uncut, is the segment featuring filthy American turncoat Adam Gadahn, about whom the Blotter just posted an item. I haven’t had time to watch it yet. Let me know in the comments what I’m missing.

More soon.

Update: Pablo notes below that Gadahn mentions Haditha and the rape/murder in Mahmoudiyah, which means this has to have been recorded within the past week or so.

Update: Here’s a quote from SITE. Adam sure does know his left-wing talking points:

I’d like to remind those who ludicrously claim that Britain treats Muslims better than America, that Britain is the one who taught American how to kill and oppress Muslims in the first place, by drawing on experience gained during hundreds of years of blood-soaked colonialist history.

Update: Thanks much to Rusty Shackleford of My Pet Jawa for help with getting the vids. As always, he’s the go-to guy for all your jihad needs.

Dan Riehl has excerpts from Gadahn’s statement, made when he was at USC, on “Becoming Muslim.”

Update: The rest of the Tanweer video is here.

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