Report: Japan caves on NK, removes sanctions demand from UN resolution (Update: Not so fast)

According to Fox. Thirteen of the fifteen UNSC members support sanctions, the other two — I don’t need to tell you who they are — oppose them.

So, it sounds like there’ll be no sanctions. Your tax dollars at work.

If I were Kim, I’d celebrate by extending a Taepodong-shaped middle finger and firing it off.

Update: The AP reports.

Update: Not to be outdone, Israel’s making noises about caving, too.

Update: Hold the phone. Captain Ed points to another AP story that’s just across the wire. Japan has submitted a new draft resolution — and this one also insists on sanctions. Russia’s/China’s turn to blink?

Update: At the mic in the press room, Bolton says he’s pleased with the new draft. I feel better.

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