Fightin' nutroots warriors cry like five-year-olds over beating from Lieberman

Call it “Scut Farkus syndrome”. Whining jackholes:

Joe knocked the Nutroots’ little puppet Freshmaker flat on his ass, and (think about this), the Nutroots, the angry Leftie bloggers who wear their hatred and vileness on their sleeves, who boast of their toughness, the authors of “Rape Gurney Joe,” and “Whiny Ass Tittty Baby,” these very same traffickers in puerile venom, are offended because Joementum was “rude … mean .. interrupting, angry … arrogant, bullying thug … testy, angry … petulant … arrogant, aggressive … attacked, offered negativism …

Links aplenty at the Commissar’s.


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