ABC: New York train bombing was planned for 9/11/06

Or thereabouts. Because Allah’s really into irony, I guess.

[L]aw enforcement officials say the plotters had already accessed detailed blueprints and drawings of the PATH tunnels, available on the internet.

And like the London bombers, the plan was to load backpacks with explosives.

All 15 to 20 bombers were to board one car and detonate when the train was under the river, according to officials…

Officials say the suspects communicated freely, thinking that no one could track them

Officials say none of the plotters were in the United States but that several of them were nearby in Canada. Others had planned to travel to New York from Saudi Arabia.

Officials say even after their leader was arrested in April, the plotters continued to make plans, and officials say they can’t be sure the plan is fully stopped, even now.

The bad news is, according to Bill Keller, these must be the only terrorists on earth who don’t already know every detail of our counterterrorism operations. Which means this is the last plot we’ll ever disrupt. Plus, now we’ll never get to see DU “prove” that the bombing was a hoax by jerry-rigging a Lionel set with an M-80.

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