Video: Saint Cindy shills for Chavez

She’s the gift that keeps on giving. All that’s left is a photo op with Ahmadinejad, or a papier mache puppet of Ahmadinejad. Either will do.

Norah O’Donnell doesn’t even try to hide her hostility. It’d be easy to assume from this that she’s pro-war, but tain’t necessarily so; she’s simply bright enough to realize that Cindy’s not helping anyone anymore except Cindy.

I love the title they chose for the segment, too.



Now that Mother Sheehan’s damaged goods, expect our friends on the left to turn their attention to another profile in conscience — one who’s looking at eight years tonight for conduct unbecoming an officer, missing movement and contempt toward officials.

Update: Spruiell‘s got a partial transcript of stuff I had to cut due to fair-use constraints.