Catfight in D.C.

Only the old-school Malkin fans will really appreciate this, but here it is: two years after the claws came out, the boss and Wonkette finally met today outside the Times’s office in D.C. It’s the blog equivalent of Pacino’s and DeNiro’s scene together in “Heat,” if DeNiro were famous for promoting hookers, botching presidential exit polls, and generally squandering what little credibility the blogosphere had amassed.

History happens — and you are there:


I like the dude in the back with the shades and stogie. An appropriately Peckinpah-ish touch to a scene fraught with violent impulses.

Update: I’m reliably informed that there was, in fact, no catfight. We’re all the poorer for it, I think.

Update: Captain Ed says always bet on the fighter with the larger earrings.

Update: Debbie Schlussel ran the numbers back in January. A quick check of Amazon confirms that the trend has held, although in Ana’s defense, novels are a harder sell than political non-fiction.

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