Perspective check: Ludicrous bias in British TV's Gaza coverage

As bad as the American press is, odds are you’ll never see something here as shamelessly slanted as this Channel 4 report on Israel’s incursion into Gaza. It’s nine minutes long but stick with it; it gets worse as it goes, culminating in an interview with the Israeli ambassador to the UK that has to be seen to be believed. I’d call it pure propaganda except that it’s actually more disgusting than that: I doubt even Hamas would go as far as Jon Snow does in callously dismissing Qassam rockets, which have killed 13 people (including two infants) since 2001, as harmless little nothings.

In all, one of the more disgraceful episodes to come out of the Arabist British media in recent years — which is really saying something. Naturally, MPAC is ecstatic.

Thanks to nordish for the tip.

Update: Did someone say propaganda?