Fox poll: 66% support prosecuting media for leaks that help terrorists

Bryan had to wait a few days, but here ’tis:


Seventy percent, including 58% of Democrats, say they support “the U.S. Treasury Department tracking suspected terrorist financing through a secret program that looks at money transfers.” Among Republicans, 65% think media sources who publish national security secrets are guilty of treason; 55% of Democrats disagree. There’s widespread support for punishing the leakers themselves — 87% agree to that.

The big one:


The PDF is here. Keller and Baquet have a joint op-ed running in each of their papers today, most of which is devoted to the agonizing ordeal they face in trying to determine which state secrets, if exposed, will cause trouble for Bush without endangering so many people that they’ll piss off the left, too.

Here’s my favorite part. How can they be accused of helping Al Qaeda? Al Qaeda hates free speech:

We have correspondents today alongside troops on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Others risk their lives in a quest to understand the terrorist threat; Daniel Pearl of The Wall Street Journal was murdered on such a mission. We, and the people who work for us, are not neutral in the struggle against terrorism. [Indeed. — ed.]

[T]he virulent hatred espoused by terrorists, judging by their literature, is directed not just against our people and our buildings. It is also aimed at our values, at our freedoms and at our faith in the self-government of an informed electorate. If the freedom of the press makes some Americans uneasy, it is anathema to the ideologists of terror.

Towards the end they write, “It is not always a matter of publishing an article or killing it. Sometimes we deal with the security concerns by editing out gratuitous detail that lends little to public understanding but might be useful” to terrorists. For more on that, see the boss’s latest.

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