Kerry: I'd push Ahmadinejad off a cliff

If I’d known this is what he meant by “the global test,” I’d have voted for the jerk.

Not very nuanced at all, though:

Today, Bush and Koizumi visit Graceland. So we wondered, if given the chance, which world leaders would the 2008 presidential candidates take on a trip, where would they go, and why?…

2004 Democratic presidential nominee and Sen. John Kerry: “I’m sure I’d get in trouble if I said I’d take Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Grand Canyon and push, but man would that exorcise some ’04 campaign demon.”

I like how he works the election in there. Ahmadinejad being an apocalyptic crypto-Nazi lunatic isn’t enough reason to take him out; it’s losing to Bush that finally sends Kerry over the edge. You can almost hear the gears turning as he tries to come up with something that’ll make him sound tough while not alienating the nutroots.

Go read what some other pols had to say. I like Huckabee’s answer best, although Romney’s is good too, if a bit cheesy.

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