Case cracked: Bush slammed NYT bank expose because he hates Jews

Or because his base hates Jews. And who could disagree, given their strident anti-Israel policy?

Seriously, wouldn’t this make him a self-loathing neoconservative?

Apparently President Bush, as titular leader of the Republican Party, has started campaigning in earnest now. His coattails are just a wee bit short this year, so he’s had to pick his opponent carefully. He has chosen to campaign against the New York Times…

[T]he name of the New York Times contains the word “New York.” Many members of the president’s base consider “New York” to be a nifty code word for “Jewish.” It is very nice for the president to be able to campaign against the Jews without (a) actually saying the word “Jew” and (b) without irritating the Israelis. A number of prominent Zionist groups think the New York Times is insufficiently anti-Palestinian, so they think the New York Times isn’t Jewish enough.

Thanks to Jim Treacher, who wonders how this squares with Bush telling Jews not to come to work at the Trade Center on 9/11. Or was that Cheney?

Update: FYI, Bill Keller is Catholic. (Or was.)

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