Housemania! Ban lifted on offshore drilling

232-187, with Happy Jack Murtha voting in the affirmative.

Will it get past the Senate? The House approved drilling in ANWR last month, but that looks DOA due to filibuster. There’s talk of filibustering this one too — and it’s not just the Democrats:

Opponents of the federal ban argued that the nation needed to move closer to energy independence and insisted the gas and oil could be taken without threatening the environment and coastal beaches. They said a state choosing to keep the moratorium could do so…

But the bill’s prospects in the Senate were uncertain. Florida’s two senators have vowed to filibuster any legislation that would allow drilling within 125 miles of Florida’s coast. Other senators from several coastal states also have strongly opposed ending the drilling restrictions.

That’s right. It’s our old friend from the immigration debate, “Republican” Mel Martinez.


Five more years of this tool. Then, Jeb!

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David Strom 8:01 AM on December 08, 2022