Blah blah new Bin Laden tape released

Marc Ginsberg, former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, is on Fox right now discussing it. He says Bin Laden threatens King Abdullah of Jordan for not allowing Zarqawi’s body to return to Jordan, and — interestingly indeed — tries to distance himself from Zarqawi’s targeting of Iraqis. Ginsberg also questions whether he and Zawahri are still living in caves, considering their access to fairly sophisticated A/V equipment.

Apparently the tape is video but Bin Laden merely provides the voiceover.

Here’s the first press report. Stand by for more.

Update: Details from ABC News. Sure sounds like Ginsberg got it wrong:

He also defends al Zarqawi against those who claimed he killed innocent people, and he seems to try to justify attacks on Shiites in Iraq by saying that people who agree to fight on the side of “the crusaders” — the coalition troops — have to be fought regardless of their sect.

And someone might want to pass this along to Murtha:

“We will continue — God willing — to fight you and your allies everywhere in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan until we deplete your resources, kill your men and (force you) to return defeated to your lands as we have defeated you before — God willing — in Somalia.”

Update: Sanctuary says it’s his best work since “The Bitch Is Back.”


Update: A note of optimism from the AP: “In the tape, bin Laden’s voice sounded breathy and fatigued at times.”

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