Report: Fatah kidnaps a third Israeli (Update: Israeli planes buzz Assad's house)

Fox is reporting, via the AP. Israel National News has an item up.

The IDF is searching the West Bank for the second kidnap victim, an 18-year-old kid whose ID was displayed this morning by the filth who took him. There was a report earlier that 30 Israeli jeeps had rolled up in front of a building complex in Ramallah but there are no details yet about what they found.

Contra Debka, the IDF has intelligence indicating that Gilad Shalit hasn’t been moved to another country but is still in Gaza. Israel’s interior minister says it was Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal who ordered the kidnapping — and that’s why Israel’s going to kill him.

Meanwhile, international lawyers wring their hands.

Update: Ynet has more on the third missing person.

Update: Just over the wire at Fox: IAF planes have buzzed Bashar Assad’s house in Syria. Remember, Ynet reported yesterday that Syrian troops had been sent to protect Mashaal in Damascus. Sounds like a shot across the bow.

Update: The AP says the planes flew over his summer home — and yes, he was there at the time.

Update: Meanwhile, the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is proceeding in keeping with Palestinian tradition.

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