People power: Berkeley to vote on Bush impeachment

Gee, I wonder if it’ll pass:

[T]he Berkeley city council’s goal is to be the first to put the issue directly to voters, Mayor Tom Bates said in an interview.

“This is basically giving the people a chance to talk, to join the debate,” Bates said. “The issues go way beyond impeaching the president. They go to safeguarding the Constitution. This administration has run roughshod over the Constitution.”

Cheered on by globe-trotting Iraq war protester Cindy Sheehan, who has moved to Berkeley, the council voted unanimously Tuesday night to have the city attorney review the measure to place it on the November ballot.

The “debate” promises to be vibrant, with heated disagreement expected on the issue of whether Bush should be frog-marched from the White House or allowed to leave under his own power.

Anyway. I’m just glad the left doesn’t pander to its base with empty gestures the way Republicans do with flag-burning.

Reached for comment, GOP political advisor Karl Rove said, “Thanks!”

Update: Astrologer to the stars Vis Numar sees a “near exact” between Saturn, one of the moons of Jupiter, and the Horsehead Nebula. “Looks like a landslide!” says Vis, who’s predicting big things this fall as well for former Governor Mark Warner!

Update: The text of the referendum is on page 5 here. The Berkeley City Manager opposes the move because it’s a waste of city resources.

Update: I give up. They’re parody-proof.

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