Flag-burning vote coming tonight (Amendment fails by ONE vote)

Any minute now, possibly. They’re voting at the moment on Durbin’s amendment, which (dubiously) criminalizes flag desecration without amending the Constitution.

I’m putting the over/under on the vote at 65. And betting under.

Update: The Durbin amendment fails, 36-64. The vote on the constitutional amendment is next.

Update: 66-34. Wow. I’ll have the roll once it’s up. Barbara Boxer’s congratulating herself for voting no as I write this.

Now Congress can get back to the important stuff. Like catching pimps.

Update: The AP reports. Still waiting for the roll.

Update: And here it is.


Update: Mitch McConnell was one of three Republicans (along with Bob Bennett of Utah and Linc Chafee, of course) to vote no. He explained his position in an op-ed column yesterday.

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