Video: Bush calls Times's expose "disgraceful"

I haven’t seen him this angry … ever, really. Maybe prosecutions aren’t that unlikely.

My take on Keller’s letter is here.

Update: The White House has a transcript. Patterico’s got the bank-surveillance post of the day with his transcription and response to comments made by the LA Times’s Washington bureau chief on a local radio show. Goldstein wonders how many dozen roses Keller’s going to get from Glenn Greenwald for publishing the story. Ace says that Keller’s open letter is only the second-stupidest defense of the Times running it.

Meanwhile, ABC News suggests another way for terrorists to elude airport security measures.

Update: National Review calls for Bush to revoke the Times’s press credentials:

The president should match this morning’s tough talk with concrete action. Publications such as the Times, which act irresponsibly when given access to secrets on which national security depends, should have their access to government reduced. Their press credentials should be withdrawn. Reporting is surely a right, but press credentials are a privilege. This kind of conduct ought not be rewarded with privileged access.

Moreover, the Justice Department must be more aggressive than it has been in investigating national-security leaks. While prosecution of the press for publishing information helpful to the enemy in wartime would be controversial, pursuit of the government officials who leak it is not. At the very least, members of the media who report such information must be made to understand that the government will no longer regard them as immune from questioning when it investigates the leakers. They should be compelled to reveal their sources, on pain of contempt.

Update: Inevitably, the parodies: SeeDubya and Iowahawk play Bill Keller for a day.

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