Breaking: CU to fire Ward Churchill



Update: CU has posted a statement from the chancellor.

[O]ne of our most cherished principles is academic freedom—the right to pursue and disseminate knowledge without threat of sanction.

But, as is true with all liberties enjoyed by all Americans, with freedom comes responsibility. Appropriately, we in the academy are held to high standards of integrity, competence and accuracy, at the same time we freely engage in spirited, unimpeded discourse in the “marketplace of ideas.” The faculty members on both Committees fully understood their duty to uphold the standards that allow them academic freedom and freedom of expression, and I applaud them for their work, their dedication, and their commitment.

Churchy’s got ten days to request special hearings on the propriety of his termination.

Update: Pirate Ballerina, who’s owned the Churchill saga from start to finish, has audio of the chancellor’s press conference.

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