Video: Sheikh Mansur airstrike

Mensch that he is, Blackfive found it and put it on YouTube for the world’s enjoyment.

Doesn’t appear as though those bullets did much damage.

But appearances can be deceiving.


The big terror news this morning comes from the Kingdom, where Saudi police have sent six jihadis to meet Allah. Security Watchtower has a handy chart of high-ranking terrorists supposedly killed or captured there since 2003. (For some reason, it omits Fawaz al-Nashmi, the alleged 20th hijacker who was shot dead in June 2004.) Do check it out, but be skeptical: God only knows how many of these turds are in fact still alive.

Update: There may be a connection between al-Nashmi and today’s raids: LGF says the Saudi operation targeted jihadis spreading propaganda online. Coincidentally, a video of al-Nashmi was made available on the web only a few days ago. Did the Saudis trace it back to the group that was liquidated this morning?

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