Marty Peretz: Kos is a moron and quite possibly insane

Red on red. Or is it blue on blue?

Whatever. It’s a lovely little rant, striking as it does at the heart of the nutroots weltanschauung: their absolute conviction that they’re very, very, very smart.

Update: Everyone’s already seen Dan Riehl’s post about Jerome “Carnac” Armstrong, right? It was linked a bunch of places today but somehow it got lost in my shuffle. Anyway, read it now, because in true-to-form Marxist fashion, the information Dan dug up is suddenly and mysteriously disappearing down the memory hole.

Re: Armstrong, recall that one of the featured panels at Yearly Kos was devoted to “Championing Science.”

Update: RedState floods the zone. Just keep scrolling…

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023