Dixie Chick confused by NYC subway system

She’s also confused by bright lights, magicians who make the quarters come out of her ear, and mathematic equations “with letters in ’em.”

Maines tells London’s Time Out magazine, “Well if I could figure out the New York subway system, I’d use it all the time. I’ve got lost every single time I’ve tried to take the subway without my husband (Adrian Pasdar). I always seem to get on the one that’s changed its route but they haven’t changed the map.”

Think about this: she’s the head Dixie Chick. She’s the one the others take orders from.

Since I ripped that link off from Free Republic, I might as well rip off another one: Congressman Steve King has apologized to Helen Thomas for saying that if there’s any justice, Zarqawi’s virgins will all look like her. Heh.



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