Truthout finally wins me over

I’m not made of stone, people. I’ll show you the outrage at shamelessness — but extreme shamelessness? Baghdad-Bob levels of shamelessness that place me in a magical world of illusions? Allah just can’t stay angry at that. There’s a point where shadiness becomes entertainment, and my friends, we’ve reached that point with Truthout.

The surest way to kill a joke is to explain it so I’m not going to comment on their post. If you absolutely must have guidance, you can go see Spruiell. Suffice it to say, to believe Truthout you basically need to believe that Joe Lauria, Mark Corallo, and the Washington Post are colluding to take down Jason Leopold, and that they’re using Jeralyn Merritt as their unwitting pawn.

Spruiell says he’s going to miss these little sideshow updates from TO once the Rove thing blows over. I concur. They’re like the cartoon boxer who’s two feet shorter than his opponent, swinging away while the bigger guy holds them at arm’s length by putting his glove on their head. Pathetic, yes — but endearing all the same. I salute you, tiny dancer.

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