Ko$ola: Walking the Plank

Jason Zengerle of TNR says the word’s come down from on high to the nutroots capos: the first rule of Ko$ola is you don’t talk about Ko$ola.

Apparently they’ve obeyed. Zengerle thinks he knows why.

Update: The Fight Club joke was pretty easy.

Update: Josh Trevino at RedState draws three lessons from the TNR posts. Here’s the first one to whet your appetite:

First, the left-blogosphere is much more of a top-down, hierarchical, and fundamentally groupthink organization than it wishes to acknowledge. The left-bloggers, with few exceptions, will assiduously follow the dictates of the conferred consensus. I know firsthand, having seen it (and the relevant Townhouse e-mails) during the formation of Online Integrity (the whole account is here). Townhouse in particular is a highly relevant — if not the relevant — forum where the received wisdom of the left is formulated and disseminated. Crack it, and you crack the code to much of the online left’s behavior and topical obsessions. Whence the en masse endorsement of this or that candidate? Whence the mob-action on this or that issue? Whence the popular delusion on a particular point? One need only ask: what did they talk about at Townhouse? So much for the independent, free-thinking left.

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