Ko$ola update: Union dues

$162,000 buys a lot of “pro-labor bias,” dunnit? Dan Riehl explains it all to you. Donkey Cons adds background on SEIU and addresses the left’s predictable non-defense that this is a right-wing hit job on Kos.

Fact is, even Dan’s piece doesn’t put any money in Kos’s pocket. So far everything’s flowing in to Political Technologies LLC, which is Armstrong’s outfit. So maybe we should be calling it … Arm$trong-ola?

Just doesn’t have the same ring.

One other point, which Dan himself pointed out to me last night by e-mail. If you go to SEIU’s disbursements page and search “Political Technologies LLC,” the $162K figure pops up. But if you click on the “consulting” and “professional services” links, you get the same itemized list: eight items listed as consulting and one item listed as professional services. Why would they put individual consulting items under the “professional services” link and vice versa? I think they accidentally double-counted, and that the actual grand total is/should be $83,350 (78K for consulting and professional services plus 5K for web services). Any other interpretations?

Update: Once again, just speculating here. No hard proof of any malfeasance by anyone.

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