Iran: We'll get back to you ... in two months

Captain Ed is vexed:

Ahmadinejad’s request has nothing to do with analyzing the package; he simply wants to stall as long as possible. August 22nd comes exactly two months from tomorrow, contradicting Bush’s insistence on “weeks, not months” for a substantive response. It’s so silly and childish that one wonders what else of significance might happen in the nine weeks between now and his proposed deadline. Could the Iranians be that close to starting a massive cascade of centrifuges that could produce weapons-grade uranium by that date?

Maybe. Get a load of what’s being reported by Jane’s, via the Daily Times of Pakistan:

Janes’s quoted German, EU and US officials as saying that Iran has built an equivalent, if not larger, network than [A.Q.] Khan’s to supply prohibited goods for its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. Tehran has principally been seeking material from European and Russian firms and has included some of the Khan middlemen in the process. In doing so, Iran’s new network is exploiting many of the same weaknesses and loopholes of the system that Khan’s associates used.

Not surprising, all things considered. Still, I doubt the extra nine weeks means much to their operational capacity; more likely, for the most popular man in Iran and the Arab world, it’s all about prestige. Every middle finger he extends towards the west seems to earn him a few more approval points. The only surprise is that he didn’t attribute the delay to his needing more time to debunk the Holocaust. That’s how you really endear yourself to the locals.

That’s too depressing a note to end on, so here’s video from MEMRI of an Iranian boy band serenading the country’s World Cup team — which was eliminated a couple of days ago. An Iranian MP wants parliamentary hearings over their poor showing, thus proving once again that Middle Eastern politicians take their soccer very, very seriously.

Click to watch.


Updated: Semi-related: Ghana’s gone groveling to the Jew-hating Arab League.