Big-budget anti-suicide bomb PSA filmed in L.A.

It just occurred to me that I haven’t pilfered any links yet from Defense Tech today. So here, via DT, is the latest in the battle for hearts and minds: an FX-heavy recreation of a suicide bombing set to air on Iraqi TV.

“We all watch it on the evening news,” says 900 Frames partner Drew Plotkin, “but we’re using a 120-camera set up that was used in films like ‘The Matrix.’ It gives a frozen-in-time feeling. Instead of seeing a flash and ambulances racing to the scene, we’re showing the street right before the attack, during and right after. That will communicate the horror, the carnage, the human toll these attacks take on innocent civilians.”

Anti-terrorist PSAs have been airing for some time now on Iraqi television, and the investors and crew behind the new spot are taking enough of a risk that they’ve decided to keep their participation anonymous. But when you consider the mindset of the people it’s aimed at, you’ve got to believe they’re pumping a dry well here. I figure this ad will have about as much effect on the war on terror as, say, Nancy Reagan’s appearance on Diff’rent Strokes had on the war on drugs.

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