Another job Americans won't do: Calling the police

From the ever-fattening perverse incentives file, city cops are refusing to help the feds catch illegals lest the undocumented stop helping them catch violent criminals. It’s the equivalent of a national plea bargain: roll over on the guys we really want and we’ll let you off with time served.

“Vulnerable people have always needed to see the police as being there to protect and serve, and that can’t happen when the first words out of a cop’s mouth are, ‘I need to see your papers,’ ” Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said…

“We have spent many years … getting special communities to talk to us, to report crime, to be witnesses,” said Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt. “If we stop individuals (to ask about immigration status), we would lose all of that.”

NYC has extended the nonenforcement rule to its hospital system, which is probably wise. In an age of bird flu and biowarfare, you don’t want anyone trying to tough it out at home.

More immigration news: ICE celebrates a rare success, rolling up a forgery kingpin in Guadalajara. Here’s his Most Wanted page. SeeDubya plays follow-the-campaign-contribution with the Times’s article on how employers exploit illegal workers. And the Mexican presidential election is precisely as dignified as you’d expect. Fun fact: “Hot air, wet pants” was actually my original submission to Michelle for the name of this site. Shot down, alas.

Update: A reader points me to this old Heather MacDonald piece in City Journal that exposes a flaw in the cops’ theory.

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