Joementum! Lieberman will face Lamont in Dem primary

He’s in it to win it. Or lose it, then win it in the general election. Or drop out a few weeks in advance if it looks like he’s going to lose it, then win it in the general election. Whatevs.

“If the unexpected happened, do I want to keep open the option of taking my case as an independent Democrat to all the voters of Connecticut so that they can have the last word in November?” Lieberman said. That’s an unanswered question, he said…

If he does decide to run as a petitioning candidate, Lieberman will need to do more than collect signatures. He will need to reframe his campaign and give voters a persuasive rationale for his quitting the primary – other than a fear that anti-war and anti-Bush activists might deliver it to Lamont.

The primary’s August 8th. The deadline for submitting the requisite 7,500 signatures for an independent run is 4 p.m. on August 9th. If he’s going to play chicken with Lamont in the primary, he needs to raise the stakes and promise that he won’t start collecting signatures until the primary’s over. Wouldn’t it be awesome on August 9th to watch the army of Joementum canvassers see if they can beat the clock? You know the nutroots retards would send out teams of anti-canvassers to harass them, too. Imagine someone opening their door in Danbury to find two kids with a clipboard in Lieberman t-shirts and two idiots behind them in black bloc gear trying to shout them down with blood-for-oil slogans. Please, god, make it happen.

Liebs wins by fifteen points in the general election as an independent, by the way.

Update: Lamont’s website has a petition up encouraging Lieberman to run as an independent if he loses the primary.

Wait, did I say encourage? I meant discourage. Don’t go over there and leave comments on the petition encouraging Lieberman to run.

That would be wrong.

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