Jihadis using women, children, hospital patients as human shields

I’ve got an old photoshop stashed somewhere of a mujahid with a baby strapped to his chest that symbolizes this phenomenon. Nice to see nothing’s changed in two years.

Portrait of Michael Moore’s minutemen, Afghan edition:

A while later, 12 of the militants — who were believed to number between 50 and 100 in total — returned.

The fighting started again and the rebels took shelter in the compound. A while later they pushed out 10 to 15 women and children, some of them as young as four.

The troops stopped firing straight away, said Corporal Quintin Poll, 29, who was in charge of the platoon involved in the exchange.

“I immediately thought, ‘Ceasefire’, as I could not get a clear shot at the target. I had to control my troops and pull back slightly,” he told AFP.

Then six grenades were thrown out from the compound.

“The troops actually made a conscious decision not to throw grenades back because they did not know if there were more women and children inside the compound,” Tootal told a briefing of British journalists at Camp Bastion.

Same M.O. in Iraq. This was buried in the Times’s Haditha article from Saturday; I missed it last year when it was originally reported.

Haditha, deep in Sunni-dominated Anbar Province, had taken a heavy toll in marines that spring and summer. In August, six scout-snipers from an Ohio reserve battalion were ambushed and killed on patrol.

Two days later, 14 more were killed when their amphibious track ran over antitank mines stacked three high. Four others were killed early in a fierce firefight inside a hospital, where insurgents hid behind patients.

Global Security has/had details. Final tally: multiple jihadis killed or wounded by the Marines, zero civilian casualties. They also note that an 11-year-old boy was detained at the time for spying on behalf of terrorists — which isn’t the first we’ve heard of that, either.

Whatever happened to volunteer human shields, anyway? Remember back before the invasion the left was going to show us chickenhawks how a man with a pair acts when he feels strongly about war? Where’s the line of doves itching to go stand in the doorways of Haditha and make sure the Marines don’t try any funny business?

Speaking of the nutroots, Robert Spencer finds their jihadi equivalent celebrating the rumor that one of the Mohammed cartoonists was incinerated in his bed.

Update: Found it.


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David Strom 8:31 PM on November 29, 2022