Coultermania! AC's latest shockingly vicious mockery of someone's personal tragedy

Not quite.

Update: Another frequent target of vicious attacks from our moral betters weighs in.

Update: Amazing Larry has more to share with us. Not content to accuse Rove of having driven his mother to suicide, he’s added some new stuff (a) comparing him to Josef Goebbels, (b) calling him fat — twice, for emphasis, (c) reminding us that his mom “would not be proud.” He tosses the “chickenhawk” shit in too for good measure.

Inexplicably, he’s also changed his original smear from “Small wonder his mother killed herself” to “This could help explain why his mother killed herself.” Why? Is this douche so removed from reality that he thinks the new phrasing mitigates it any? It’d be like a mental patient telling you “I went potty in my shoes today,” walking away, then coming back to say, “Actually, I went doody in my shoes today.”