Coultermania! Leno smackdown preview (Update: Video added)

Her and Carlin, mano a mano on the Tonight Show. Or not: they’ll both be on but maybe not at the same time. If it happens, I’ll post the video here soon after.

To whet your appetite, here’s Michael Smerconish laying down the law on AC tonight on Scarborough Country. I should have had video of that too, but my goddamned computer malfunctioned. Expose the Left will probably have it later. Also, John Hawkins interviews Coulter; Patterico observes a contradiction within the pro-Coulter camp; and AC reaps the whirlwind on the NY Times bestseller list.

Update: Leno tapes several hours in advance, more than enough time for producers to have leaked it to Drudge if something happened between her and Carlin. Drudge’s relationship with Coulter is such that he’d be hyping it to the skies if it had. But there’s nothing on the Drudge Report about it. I think we’re looking at a dud here.

Update: Jim Treacher e-mails with a memo for the Coulterklatsch: “I guess all these people are liberals, huh?”

Here’s a screenshot of the Leno promo. Carlin looks happy:


Update: The Freepers claim to have sent a contingent to the show to root Coulter on. Sounds like they made it in: Leno just cracked a joke about Rove not being indicted and it got surprisingly big cheers, leading him to remark upon his “new right-wing audience.”

Update: One of the Freepers is back from the show and has filed a report. ‘Twas indeed a dud.

Update: Video’s coming up in a few. While you wait, Vinnie from My Pet Jawa has audio of an interview between Coulter and someone named Tom Becka, who’s excruciatingly annoying.

Update: Enjoy.