Afghan delegation renders its verdict on Gitmo


The head of the delegation, Abdul Jabar Sabhet of the Interior Ministry, said the delegation was given the chance to speak freely with all 96 Afghan prisoners about their living conditions. Sabhet said there were “only one or two” complaints.

“Conditions of the jail was humane. There were rumors in this country about that. It was wrong. What we have seen was OK,” he said.

The Times led with a different angle.

Iran also recently opened up Evin prison, one of its most notorious, to media inspection:

More than 30 reporters and cameramen roamed the prison’s passageways and freely interviewed inmates. Authorities showed off part of the facility that houses female inmates but barred journalists from viewing men’s cellblocks or political prisoners, citing lack of time and promising greater access in the future.

Worth a full read. Evin is where Zahra Kazemi had her head cracked open, in case you’re keeping score at home.