Infiltrating Yearly Kos: "Heh, indeed" edition

The mole sent this along last night after returning from the big nutroots celebrity blogger panel, but he couldn’t chat long: “I’m going to a Mark Warner party at nine o’clock at the Stratosphere. It’ll be fun to see progressives swishing around in swanky settings, compalining about the minimum wage.”


Hot Topic!

Daily Kos writer “Hunter” just introduced this “Hot Topics” panel as “the real-life equivalent of an open thread.” On the panel were Kos, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, John Aravosis of Americablog, and who should be sitting right down there on the end, saying very little, staring straight ahead, obviously not having gone through the pundit-training courses offered yesterday?

Ol’ Open Thread himself, Duncan “Atrios” Black. For background, see Ace.

Aravosis, the serial trafficker in Republicans-are-gay rumors, cheerfully defends Democratic mudslinging. Kos says that every time the Right tries a “wedge issue”, the left needs to find a way to make it hurt the right. Especially the sodomy—they want to make it hurt. Aravosis gave the example of having a huge call-in campaign over the gay marriage issue, asking the senators’ staffs about their own histories of sodomy. And Atrios suggested also confirming which unmarried members of the White House Staff were themselves virgins, since the White House policy is promoting abstinence for teenagers. Sounds like a winner.

Lefties, make sure that whenever Rick Santorum brings up sodomy, you punish him by flooding the zone and talking about sodomy all the time. Nothing will create widespread sympathy for gay people who want to get married faster than a constant media drumbeat of sodomy, sodomy, sodomy.

Kos worries that Democrats aren’t confident about their positions like abortion—they’re afraid of being called baby-killing homo-lovers—so why would anyone respect them if they won’t stand up for their beliefs?

Again, good instincts. They should proudly advance a “Surrender Now!” position on Iraq and also, a la Mondale in 1984, “I will raise your taxes!” Definitely they should come right out and say “No border enforcement at all! Let’s just give big ol’ pots of taxpayer money to anyone who wanders in here!” You’ll have to beat the voters off with a stick.

Hamsher quotes another blogger called “Digby” as saying that “The Republicans don’t run away from their freaks. The Democrats do.” I’m starting to realize that for all their ranting against the “wingers”, whom they consider the freaky far right—anybody to the right of Joe Lieberman, whom they hate sooooo much—they envy us. Even if it seems that we have very little influence on things we rant about on proactive war on terrorism, about small government or about border issues, they still envy us our perceived influence over policy and integration with the Republican Party. They’re busily throwing tantrums just to get to where they think we are.

Maybe the grass is always greener, but this says a lot to me about how dumb we would be to isolate ourselves from the G.O.P, even when they screw up. I don’t want to the Right to end up like these people.

Oh, each blogger talked a little bit about their specialty, about their particular little area of expertise. Kos did elections, Aravosis did gay issues and international politics, and I don’t remember what Hamsher said. But can you guess what Atrios said?

“My specialty is wankers.”


Update: Here’s video of the Tom Tomorrow reading. The crowd loved him, our mole not so much.


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