Dead Marine's parents sue human smegma Fred Phelps

From moral bankruptcy to actual bankruptcy, God willing.

The complaint states five causes of action, all of which allege sufficient outrageousness as to warrant punitive damages. That’s the key; the Snyders probably can’t collect enough by way of actual damages to take douchey’s land and put him in the poorhouse. So its punitives or bust — unless other military families follow the Snyders’ lead here and file suits of their own. In that case, the legal fees alone might be enough to break him.

And indeed, that’s exactly what the Snyders are advocating on their webpage. They’re also accepting donations to help defray the expenses of the suit. (Their lawyers, Barley Snyder, are working pro bono.) Drop a fin in their collection box to help them fight the good fight.

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 08, 2022