Video: Fast times at MEChA High

Or junior high, whatever. ABC7 in LA has a report on what happened outside the school yesterday. Click here and choose “A Volatile Situation” in the sidebar. (The other clip, “Principal Answers Charges”, doesn’t load. Update: Yeah, it does. Try it in IE. It’s not very interesting, though.)

The important stuff comes at the end. According to the clip, the school’s charter is up in December … annnnnd, it’s not doing so well academically. Here’s their API base report for 2004; note the statewide rank. Follow the link at the bottom of the page and you’ll see this is one case where you don’t want to be number “1”.

I guess the lesson here is that knowing the Aztec word for “honky” doesn’t really help much with algebra. Viva Aztlan!

Update: Reader Chris M. e-mails with a tip. Check out the insignia on the back of the guy standing next to the reporter:


Update: Our affiliate, Bryan from Sanctuary, notes that the National Council of La Raza is a proud supporter of Academia Semillas del Pueblo — particularly its instruction in martial arts for kindergartners.