RFK Jr. for Rolling Stone: Bush stole the election (Update: Now posted at RS.com)

Allegedly set to break this morning. It must be true. Would a Kennedy lie?

If nothing else good comes from it, it’s a comfort at least to know that Keith Olbermann’s got his next eight months worth of shows all laid out for him.

Anyway. So who’s the real president now, Gore or Kerry? Or do we have a runoff?

Thanks to PJ Comix for the tip.

Update: Here it is. Have at it, warbloggers.

Update: Dan Riehl googles around and discoveres snickering in unlikely quarters.

Update: Confederate Yankee knows who the real target of this article is, and it ain’t George Bush.

Update: Captain Ed agrees with Confederate Yankee and wonders how it is that exit polls can be more accurate than the actual vote.