Video: Marine hit by IED before Haditha incident speaks

His name is James Crossan, and he was sitting in the passenger seat next to Miguel Terrazas when the IED that killed the latter man exploded last November 19 in Haditha. The full 23-minute video is at the link. It’s long but worth it. Congratulations to KING5 News for making it happen.

I put together a four-minute digest for those who don’t have time.

Thanks for the tip to Red Hot Cuppa Politics, who’s made a list of the key facts gleaned from the interview.

Update: Martin Terrazas, Miguel’s father, is defending the Marines.

Exactly what happened that day remains unclear. Miguel Terrazas’ father, Martin, said the Marines his son fought with told him that after the car bomb exploded the Marines took a defensive position around his son’s battered vehicle. Insurgents immediately started shooting from nearby buildings, and the insurgents were using women and children as human shields, Martin said he was told.

The Marines shot back because “it was going to be them or” the insurgents, Martin said of what his son’s fellow Marines briefly described to him…

Terrazas said he has met with many from his son’s unit who told him they did only what was necessary to survive. He wouldn’t say when he spoke with them.

“Those Marines just did their job,” he said. “Some of these kids were saying, ‘We have to live with it’.”

Update: Vinnie at My Pet Jawa accuses Michelle of playing into the Khomeinists’ hands by writing about the allegations before charges have been filed. Brilliant, Vinnie. Meanwhile, Confederate Yankee looks at the comparisons between Haditha and My Lai and finds them wanting.

Update: CNN — all Murtha, all the time.

Update: The Times of London reports on the interview with Lance Cpl. Crossan. Guess which quote, out of 23 minutes of footage, they choose to highlight.

Update: Zeyad says the jihadis have a plan for the capital: “7th century Baghdad.”

Update: Uncle Jimbo asks a highly pertinent question.