AMVETS official: Jesse Macbeth tried to defraud the VA

McQ has details; allegedly, a federal arrest warrant is in the offing. What’s more disturbing: that Macbeth would try to tap a fund meant for real veterans or that someone at AMVETS would look at that tin-can DD-214 of his and process his claim?

And with this, I think we’re finally done with young master Jesse. Except, of course, for the small matter of figuring out which arm of the Bush administration he’s secretly working for. Might he be an asset of COINTELPRO, perhaps even unwittingly? The Kossacks say — yes!

Update: Macbeth threw himself a little pity party on Thursday during an interview with Stars and Stripes:

In a telephone interview Thursday, MacBeth said he purposely wore his uniform backward in a video interview in which he made his allegations because veterans are prohibited from wearing their uniforms at protests.

Asked why the Army found no record of him, MacBeth said, “They did the same thing to John Kerry.”…

MacBeth insisted he served in Iraq with the Rangers and claimed Iraq Veterans Against the War had betrayed him.

“When the heat gets on them they stab me in the back,” he said.