AmSpec: Hastert must go

Quin Hillyer finds a forlorn, tattered copy of the Contract With America and launches an attack from the right. Tony Blankley doesn’t go quite as far, but he does float a plausible theory about why Hastert made such a stink about the FBI raid on William Jefferson’s office. Background from Bob Novak.

Speaking of stink, Sensenbrenner’s threatening to draft a bill that would limit the DOJ’s powers to investigate members of Congress. On that point, see the first article of the Contract With America. See also Dana Milbank’s report on the hearings being held on the Jefferson raid, which Milbank uses to maximum left-wing effect. Exclaims Darrell Issa excitedly, “We have the power to impeach the attorney general!”

Give them a few days and they’ll crack 20. Meanwhile, the DOJ is pushing back.

Update: Andy McCarthy’s disgust bubbles over:

Part of the idea behind giving Congress speech-and-debate protection from the executive branch and the courts is the notion—perhaps now a quaint notion—that Congress will be motivated, literally, to keep its own house in order.

So what has congressional leadership done lo these ten months—while all the searches and subpoenas and guilty pleas ensued—to deal with Jefferson? The leaders have had a lot to say about separation of powers since the office search. But separation of powers is about being trusted to keep your own side of the street clean. What have they done about that?