Pali PM Haniyeh: Bush administration is the enemy of all Muslims

According to IRNA. If that’s not a credible enough source for you, here’s an AP interview with the new director general of the Interior Ministry in Gaza, who also happens to be number two on Israel’s most-wanted list:

“We are happy when any American soldier is killed anywhere in the world, because the American Army is an aggressor against all the people in the world, particularly the Arab and Muslim worlds,” he said. “The American people are known to be peaceful, so they are asked to move to bring down this terrorist government in Washington, so that the American people are safe from any attacks or retaliation.”

Remember, Bush opposed the House’s move last week to further restrict funding to these cretins.

Meanwhile, here’s the “third way” Palestinian-style. The AP published the text of the document last week; point 3 reaffirms the need for “resistance” and point 9 reasserts the right of return, but even so, Hamas opposes a vote on it. A referendum would be costly, they claim, and money is tight right now what with the impending launch of Hamas satellite TV. To think that Uncle Hazim might soon be entertaining Arabic-speaking children right here in the U.S. What could go wrong?

A word to the wise, though: while normally I support free markets, in this case I’d recommend nationalizing the television network. If it went public and the stock tanked, god only knows what would happen.

Finally, what’s the difference between Saudi Arabia and a British teachers union? Answer: when the Saudis hold Jews to a double standard, they’re at least embarrassed enough to lie about it.

Update: Speaking of the satellite jihad